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Strategy & trade ideas for ETF investors. Each issue contains:

  • Review- recap of market performance
  • Outlook- discussion of strategy and asset allocation
  • Special Feature - examining one or two ETFs in detail
  • Valuation Tables - updated multiples for every ETF we cover

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Edition Special Feature Topic (tickers)
October 2016 Still Value in Emerging Market Bonds (EMB)
September 2016 Building Value in Build America Bonds (BAB)
August 2016 3D Printing ETF (PRNT)
July 2016 Post-Brexit Positioning (EDOG, VLUE, JNK)
June 2016 Small Stocks, Big Differences (IJR, IWM)
May 2016 Index Inclusion Bump (KWEB, PGJ, KFYP)
April 2016 To Hedge or Not to Hedge? (DEFA, DEZU, DEWJ)
March 2016 ETF Investing for a Negative Interest Rate World
February 2016 Smart Beta Checklist
January 2016 Leveraged and Inverse ETFs (SSO, UPRO)
December 2015 Better Together Apart (XLFS, XLRE)
November 2015 Unconventional Yield (YMLP, PCEF, SPFF)
October 2015 High Price of Positive Momentum (MTUM, IMTM)
September 2015 Revisiting Fixed-Income ETFs
August 2015 The Write Stuff (PBP, HSPX, QYLD)
July 2015 The Analysts of Lake Wobegon
June 2015 Market Vectors BDC Income (BIZD)
May 2015 Don't Get HACKed
April 2015 The Trouble with Low Volatility ETFs
March 2015 Dueling Qs (QQQ, ONEQ)
February 2015 Finding Value in Energy (FILL, IPW)
January 2015 Innovation in Biotech (SBIO)
December 2014 Currency Hedged ETFs
November 2014 Overlap Analysis Tool
October 2014 Morning in India (EPI, INXX, INDA)
September 2014 Global Dogs Portfolio (SDOG, IDOG, EDOG)
August 2014 Party Like It's 1999? (FPX, IPO)
July 2014 Battle of the Bond Gorillas (AGG, BND)
June 2014 Launching Fixed Income ETFs
May 2014 When Small Caps Become Super-sized (IWM)
April 2014 How Smart is Smart Beta?
March 2014 China A-Shares (ASHR)
February 2014 Time to Immunize your Biotech Exposure (IBB, BBH, XBI)
January 2014 Finding Value in U.S. Equities (JKF, JKI, EES)
December 2013 Retail Bubble (XRT, RTH, PMR)
November 2013 All That Glittered (GDX)
October 2013 Where the Tail Wags the Dog
September 2013 WisdomTree Japan Hedged Equity (DXJ)
August 2013 Have Dividends, Will Travel (IDOG, DWX)
July 2013 Not Just Any Port in a Storm (EEMV, USMV, EFAV)
June 2012 ASEAN for Stability (ASEA)
May 2013 Is Tech the New value? (IYW)
April 2013 Buyback funds (PKW, TTFS)
March 2013 iShares Core funds (IEFA, IEMG, IXUS)
February 2013 It Depends on Chemistry (XLB, IYM, IRV)
January 2013 New Frontiers (FRN, PMNA, FM)
December 2012 Wither Dividends
November 2012 Rodney Dangerfield of Emg Mkts. (GXC, ECNS)
October 2012 Glass Houses (XHB, ITB)
September 2012 Sector Dividend Dogs (SDOG)
August 2012 DIY Hedge Fund
July 2012 Dimming of Utilities (XLU)
June 2012 Fire Sale on European Non-Financials
May 2012 American Industrial Renaissance
April 2012 Target Date Funds Miss the Mark
March 2012 Mining for Income
February 2012 Europe's Other Periphery
January 2012 Harvesting Agribusiness Profits
December 2011 Navigating a Hard Landing in China (FXI, ECNS)
November 2011 Profiting from the Shale Revolution
October 2011 Contrarian Case for Global Equities
September 2011 Navigating the European Debt Crisis
August 2011 Portfolio sparkle with GEMS
July 2011 "Set it & forget it" sector investing (EQL)
June 2011 Factor Funds
May 2011 Health Care Check Up
April 2011 Historical ETF Valuation Multiples
March 2011 The Producers (HAP, CRBQ)
February 2011 Celtic Tiger licks its wounds (EIRL)
January 2011 Revisiting Clean Energy ETFs (ICLN)
December 2010 Rethinking BRIC (IDX, RSX)
November 2010 Making money in the middle (MDY, CZA)
October 2010 Budding consumers (ECON)
September 2010 Building recession-resistant portfolios
August 2010 Europe's momentum plays (EWG, EWN)
July 2010 Emerging market small caps (EWX, DGS)
June 2010 Big roles for small cap sectors
May 2010 Getting technical (PDP, PIZ, PIE)
April 2010 Taking your pedal off the metal (XME vs., EMT)
March 2010 PIGS to profits (EWP, EWI)
February 2010 Chinese small caps: bu-hao (FXI vs. HAO)
January 2010 Shopping for consumer stocks (XLY, RXI, IPD)